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>> thank you so much for starting your day with us, as always. and we begin with a fox news alert for you. overnight dozens of people sickened by fumes at a warehouse facility in carson, california.d spill. it made workers complain of burning in their noses and their throat. in all 70 patients were evaluated is he scene. 12 taken to area hospitals. the sulfur rifewer rick acid ca from a acid company. >> zimmerman's girlfriend claimed he pointed a gun with him in an argument. >> points a gun at me in my freaking face. (bleep). >> this is not zimmerman's first run in with the law since being acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. he has been pulled over twice for speeding and two months ago his estranged wife accused him of threatening her. >> the death toll from the violent twisters in the midwest now rising to 8 people. this morning accurate forecasts and warnings are being credited with saving many more lives. one of the hardest hit towns that is washington illinois where an ef 4 tornado touched down it had winds up to 190 miles an hour. >> the september 2012 unemployment numb
line is here. she is answering your questions. >> you can e-mail them to us tweet them to us or facebook us. >> rava is here showing you how to carve the bird. we can use that advice as well. >> but up first our top story for you on this thanksgiving. hundreds of people in ohio aren't spending the holiday at home. they are being evacuated after a train derailed late thursday night with highly flammable chemicals. >> some of the people will not be able to return home until saturday. >> i guess we have to kind of see what we have every day and what we have to do. we have to make the best out of it. >> officials say the cleanup efforts have not progressed as quickly as they hoped. almost 13,000 gallons of highly flammable liquid leaked out of one of the cars. they are still concerned it could explode. >> the video you are about to see this is incredible. watch what happens when a tornado rips through a middle school in indiana. you can see the gym it is actually completely torn apart in just seconds. in this hallway a load of ceiling tiles comes crashes down. no one was at the s
thank you for starting your day with us. we appreciate it as always. we begin with a fox news alert. death toll with a devastating typhoon in the philippines. topping more than 100 people that will rise significantly as they search through rubble in search for victims. as food becomes scarce tens of thousands of people search for food and shelter. they are on the ground in some of the worst hit areas bringing water and medicine to desperate survivors. >> residents see forcing their way into one airport to board military planes to evacuate. the very latest on aid to that region. that is coming up at 5:30 in a live report. >> while you were sleeping another storm shit the philippines. a magnitude 4.8 earthquake rocked a city there. that is south of where the devastating typhoon hit earlier this week. at this pour no sun my warnin - no tsunami warnings have been issued. no reports of damage or injuries. >> at 10 eastern this morning the accused boston bomber is due back in court. their attorneys plan to i can ma their case to have restrictions put on him behind bars lifted. >> they fil
. they have been committing the crimes since december of last year using december guisguises. if convicted they could each face 20,000 in fines. >>> they weit is veteran's day. >> kelly wright is live in washington with the latest on the special ceremony. >>> good morning to you. when president obama hosted a breakfast to honor veterans he will meet with the oldest living world war ii veteran. he will likely walk away from the meeting inspired a man who represents part of america's best generation. rich affidavit overton is believed to be the oldest veteran of the military. at 107 years old he says he still have energy to enjoy his life. when he reflects on the service of de p fending america's freedom he says we didn't go off to play, we went off to fight. he volunteered for service in 1942 and fought in the pacific doing a lot of island hopping with the all black army unit. after having breakfast with the veterans the president will later lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown folted by an observance of ceremonies as arlington national cemetery. richard overton was in his 30's when he v
for starting your day with us. the extreme weather alert. >> it is putting a halt on travel plans for 43 million americans. we have live team coverage. >> steve secentanni is one of t many airports. >> good morning heather and ainsley. this storm system is widespread. we have seen the heaviest situations in the northeast. anywhere from florida up to maine you are seeing some form of precipitation associated with the storm. pretty incredible how massive it is. the rain really coming down new york city, emergennew jersey do washington, d.c. and up across parts of new england. we have areas of snow that have been coming down on the back end of it western pennsylvania, up state new york, several inches have already piled up through out the overnight hours. we are expecting more snow. you can see the snow coming down across parts of eastern kentucky, west virginia and also parts of eastern tennessee. right between the rain and the snow freezing rain p. it will be coating the road ways and causing dangerous travel conditions. if you are heading to work or headed out of down it will be picking
. thank you for stating your day with us. we always appreciate it. enrollment numbers are out and we know how many people signed up for obamacare. >> it is way worse than anticipated. 26,794 have signed up in the federal exchanges and 79,391 enrolled in state exchanges. that brings the whopping total of enrollees to 106,185. >> and number falling way short of the administration's goal. elizabeth prann is live for us in washington with what is up next. li elizabeth, what are they going to do. >> you talked about that goal. federal officials wanted 7 million to buy health insurance. they got less than two percent of that included in the overall figure of more than 106,000 people on the exchanges. that doesn clue buyers who selected a plan but haven't yet paid yet. delaware north dakota and alaska they signed up less than 100 people in each state. after a house oversight committee hearing we have heard from darrel issa he reflected on the rollout. >> this is one of the greatest management breakdowns one could find. we had in front of us the chief information acted technology people working f
the weekend early with us. >> i am ainsley earhardt. we bring you all of the news to get you ready for your friday. admissions and apologies from the president with his credibility on the line he reversed his course on obamacare saying millions of americans can keep their canceled healthcare coverage but only for a year. >> here's the thing, does he even have the authority to do that? doug luzader is live for us in washington. sort all of this out for us. >> it is a lot to sort out. under fire and taking blame for observe care the president offered yesterday what he says will be a fix. >> the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. >> for the millions of americans who have received cancellation notices because their current policies do not meet obamacare requirements the president will now allow insurance companies to keep offering those plans. but only for one year. that is just long enough to get many democrats in congress through otherwise dice
the senate to the core using a lima joerity democrats in the senate voted to end the use of the filibuster for presidential nominations ending the republican efforts it ends a long standing tradition allowing the main anothinority oppose. >> the change we have today is a confirmation, yes, no. >> this is not a very proud day in the history of the senate. in order to distract attention away from observe care the senate has just broken the rules in order to change the rules. >> while the president voids support for the move yesterday, not long ago after he was serving as senator he strenuously objected when republicans were doing the same thing. that's why it is a nuclear option. the fallout can effect everywe know. democrats will question the ability they have to push nominations through because they won't have to deal with republicans but they could lose control of the senate and end up regretting they made this great move t move. >> nuclear option. have a great weekend, doug. >> you, too. this brings us to the look who is talking. >> the same democrats now changing the new flair option wh
. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with this an extreme weather alert to tell you about. one of the most talentpowerful ever recorded. potential of catastrophic damage. pacific storm high ann is a super typhoon with winds approaching 200 miles per hour. >> four people are dead and 27,000 people evacuated some of them already living in makeshift shelters because of a massive earthquake last month. trees are down power is out there's widespread flooding and communication knocked out in the hardest hit areas. >> maria molina is in the weather station. >> this could be possibly one of the strongest hurricanes or typhoons. we hear the word typhoon we are not used to hearing that word across portions of the western hemisphere. it's exactly the same thing what a hurricane is. we call it different names. the storm system called a typhoon that is a cyclone across indian ocean and southern pacific ocean. this had winds of 195 miles per hour during land fall. that would make it one of the strongest storms during land fall in any country. still a category 5 storm. it is a super typh
repairs the web site still having problems as 20 and 30,000 people are trying to use it at the same time. >> dishonest and untrust worthy that's what americans say they feel about president obama. they found by a margin of 52 to 44 percent voters believe the president is not honest and cannot be trusted. >> overnight a scare in the air for passengers. an american airlines flight making an emergency landing because of a cracked windshield. the plane had just taken off from miami when the pilot noticed the problem. the flight was carrying 166 people and was headed to boston. it is unclear what caused the crack. >> relief operations are starting to pick up the pace in the philippines five days after that devastating typhoon there. still only a triple of food, water, medical supplies are making it to the hardest hit areas. december praising forcing people to take matters into their own hand. in another incident 8 people were killed looting a rice warehouse wihen a wall collapse crushing them to death. >> more than 2200 people have died and that includes two americans. but this may be the mos
. >> joining us now by phone the public information officer for grundy county, ema. what have you seen so far? describe the scene for us? >> so what are with we have seen we have seen quite a bit of damage to residences and commercial businesses in the area. we have seen some businesses and buildings that have collapsed. luckily we have not had the people injured as well as through out the streets and they were transported into the hospital. we were lucky enough not to have fatalities. there was quite a bit of damage to our area. >> this is heather. how long have you been in this area and when have you seen others to this extent and can you compare it to other outbreaks in the past? >> i have grown-up in the area quite a bit specifically to the cold city area. this is the first that i know of that is specific to this. >> nick, i was reading earlier that police had to take dogs out. you clook at these pictures thee houses are crumbled piles of debris now. i was reading police were taking dogs out to hneighborhoods because so many were trapped in this. >> we only had one location where our fire
the troubled rollout of obamacare. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. thank you. >>> experts say 80 million people could lose their employer healthcare plans. >> that is in addition to millions who have already lost personal plans. kelly wright is live in the nation's capital. this is just getting worse and worse it looks like. >> it really is no matter how you look at it. a lot of people are getting up in arms about it as well they should. president owe bhaum is wrapping up a trip. beyond the glitz and glam of hollywood the bottom line is the president is still dealing with the issue of the affordable care act. the president finds himself in an uphill battle on making the signature domestic policy work. >> we are getting this darned web site up to speed. it is getting better. states like california are proving the law works. people want the financial security of health insurance. even if you are already insured reach out to a friend and neighbor who is not and help them get coverage. >> even in california a growing number of people are still receiving cancellation notices of their
without health insurance to sign up. back to you. >> elizabeth prann live for us. a decision on whether kennedy's cousin michael skakel will get jail. he is scheduled to hear arguments on whether he will get authority to release skakel after he awaits a new trial of neighbor martha moxley bishop ordered a new trial saying his attorney failed to represent him he is serving 20-years to life. >> ritchie incognito going off into a shouting rage inside of a bar. >> this happened in florida earlier this year while he was out with his teammates people appeared to just watch as he shouted around the bar shirtless wi . our fox affiliate caught up with him in his exclusive video asking him about the ladies and gentlemened bullying tapes against him. >> i am trying to weather around the storm right now. this will pass. >> incognito is accused of bullying his teammate jonathan martin and leaving a racial and expletive filled message on his voice mail. >> time to look who is talking this morning form nfl player and football star tiki barber. >> he is speaking out about the video you just saw. >> cer
used to swipe a salvation army kettle. >> drivers fearing for their lives on the middle of a bridge swaying in the wind. >> 520 bridge is it safe to cross sfl everyone is abandoning their cars. we are on it i am worried. >> why instructions from 911 operators did nothing to put their minds at ease. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. hope everyone had their fill of thanksgiving yesterday and you survived. i am heather childers. >> i am at that tipatti ann bro. thank you for starting your day with us. black friday is in full swing. many retarryls opened earlier than ever even on thanksgiving. more time to shop of course means more madness. this is time lapse video of shoppers at toys r' us in kansas city. people ditched dinner early and lined up there ahead of the store opening. >> in florida bargain hunters at best buy from greeted with high fives as they came into the store. some dined on thanksgiving dinner out front actually saying this was the first store of a lot of stuff. >> no high
accused of using social media to stalk rebecca sedwick who later committed suicide by jumping to her death. >> these are children they sometimes make mistakes but it never, ever, ever goes to the level of bullying. i don't think rebecca's death had anything to do with the conduct of my client. >> baez said his client is a troubled young girl and will be evaluated and will receive extensive counseling. he lashed out at sheriff brady judd. >> to go out on tv and put mer mug shot on there as if she is public enemy number one when she is really just a child serving no purpose. >> i disagree with mr. baez. he knows what florida public records law is. florida public records law is when you commit a felony your name and face is a public record. bullying is a national epidemic. this went beyond bullying to cyber bullying. >> judd dropped the case and the people involved are getting help. >> if it had not been brought to the justice system would they be severing services today? the answer is no. we were successful. if this set of circumstances would to occur again tomorrow we had the evidence we ha
to use most electronic devices through out the entire flight. wnyw reporter breaks down the new rule. >> please turn off your electronic devices. >> close but this southwest flight attendant is a little bit closer to what is actually required the faa. [music] flush >> a lot of instructions no doubt but some regarding your personal electronic devices are about to change according to the head of the faa. most can tolerate radio int p r interference from electronic portable devices. it is safe to read download materials like e books and calendars and also play games. >> i like the idea of being able to read my nook. >> you won't be allowed to connect to the internet until the plane reaches 10,000 feet. at no time will you be allowed to make phone calls. passengers have more freedom inside the cabin. most of the time the guy sitting next to me he will turn it off anyway. >> some passengers could start seeing the changes as early as today. each will term how and when it allows the broader use of tablets and e readers and smart phones. patti ann? >> good news for taxpayers. new rules to p
, very low. elizabeth prann is live to tell us what all of this means. >> during her testimony she said it is better than it was in october. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius htod lawmakers the government is working to fix what see says is problems. th enrollment extensions they want to change. oo p oo juwhy can keep limping along why not shut it down and put it together in the way it should be put together? many have pointed out that your one off fixes tend to have unintended consequences down the road. >> while sebelius responded there's not much to gain in doing so. we heard similar rhetoric from the president during his stop at the lone star state yesterday. there he pushed the benefits. he voiced his own frustrations and said the web site failure is no indication of bad quality coverage. >> we are working over time to get this fixed. the web site is already better than it was at the beginning of october. by the end of this month we anticipate that it is going to be working the way it is supposed to. >> we learned the on-line platform is only able to use a thousa
the latest for us from lax. >> details coming in about 23-year-old man suspected of committing the gun attack at los angeles airport on friday. the protest telling law enforcement official he was being heavily sedated and being armed guards. he said he acted alone and is being brought back to the airport by a friend. authorities found a note in his duffle bag talking about killing tsa agents centered around a grudge. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple csa employees. they outlined the details in that note. the he signed the letter and made conscious decision to try to kill multiple employees. despite shift changes for officers there is no way of telling when a friday tragedy could have been averted. dominique di-natale. >>> they quickly adjourned after the defendant's chance disrupted the proceedings. he refused to change into the uniform. morsi was brought from the secret location to his detention to cairo to chanface charges of incitement and murder. he w if convicted he faces the death penalty. protestors set up camp outside the court and authorities
for the program goes down once again. steve sent any sen ton /* /- i calling it for us. >> the president has a new ex an nation of what he promised in the tirs place shifting the blame of canceled coverage on the insurance company. >> what we said was you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the laws passed. we wrote into the affordable care act, you are grandfathered in on that plan. if the insurance company changes it, what we are saying is they have to change it to a higher standard. they have to make it better. >> republicans are blasting the president for changing the language of his original promise and for the shortcomings of the troubled new healthcare system. we have pat buchanan saying the president gave us assurances or many of us said we could keep our doctors and/or healthcare plan and his credibility as well as incompetence over this web site have been severely damaged. others saying similar things, questioning the president's credibility saying it is undermining his presidency even democrats are having a hard time defending the president. >> look, they are trying to spin
we appreciate you waking up with us this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. at this hour, a search is under way for two people who were on board a medical transport jet that crashed off the coast of florida. the two other people on board are dead. the private jet took off from ft. lauderdale international airport and was on its way back to mexico when it went down. officials say two pilots, a doctor and a nurse were on board. nurse were on board. there is no official word of what caused the crash. a distress wacall was made momes after takeoff. >> the united states supreme court clearing the way for texas for new abortion laws that stopp stopped some places from doing the procedure. the law will remain in effect until january when an appeals court is expected to hear arguments. >> florida congressman tray radel is under drug charges. his suspected dealer named him as a buyer to authorities. the congressman released a statement. believe me i am disappointed with myself and i stand ready to face consequences of my action. it carries 6 months in prison and a fine of a thousa
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)